Patricia Driscoll has released her book "Murder in a Different Light" in January 2015.



Murder in a Different Light

Lamp - Murder in a Different Light

Brief Synopsis

Grace Tolliver, former probation officer and present owner of Pearl's antique lamp shop, located in a historic Cape Cod village, once again finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation. Grace and her employee, Bella Benson, discover a body floating in a swimming pool while hiking around the grounds of a once beautiful but now dilapidated old house. The victim is known to Bella, and she prevails upon Grace to help her find the person who murdered him.

The first detective on the scene is none other than Andre Cruz, the same detective that led the investigation into the death of a customer of the lamp shop, the previous winter. He is not too happy to find Grace once again at the scene of a murder. And, Grace is not too happy to find herself once again being interrogated by the handsome detective. Especially, since they'd been involved in a short lived romantic affair that, had not ended well.

The last thing Grace wants is to get involved in the case. But after someone, desperately searching for a valuable antique lamp, missing since Ben's murder proves that they will do anything to get their hands on it, she vows to find the violent and relentless killer.

Grace must face unimaginable danger in her quest to bring peace and safety back to the lives of those she cares about most.


Shedding Light on Murder

Brief Synopsis

Believing in second chances, Grace Oliver former probation officer and new owner of Pearl's antique lamp shop has hired Duane Kerbey, a troubled young man as a holiday employee. But when a prominent local citizen of Barnstable Village, Cape Cod is murdered, and Duane is arrested for the crime, blame is placed squarely on the shoulders of Grace. After all, it was Grace who sent the young man, knowing that he was a convicted felon, on an errand to the victim's home.

CemetaryBetween learning the craft of constructing and hand painting lampshades, readying the shop for the annual Village Stroll and trying to keep an eye on the antics of her eighty-four year old father, Grace sets out to solve the murder by shedding light on the victim's complicated past. Her quest is hampered by the attractive detective assigned to the case who doesn't appear to be seriously pursuing fresh leads, but is keeping close tabs on Grace.

With a town full of likely suspects, a second murder, and a series of bitter snowstorms battering Cape Cod, Grace must prove Duane's innocence and restore her reputation by uncovering the shady and unrepentant killer.

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